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Retrieving a Report

The Reporting Service is a "read-only" service, you will input a JSON-formatted report request, but this will not alter any data in ASX.

When you make a GET report request, you will either receive the report, an error message, or a pending message. The report specific filters, columns and grouping options is listed below.

curl -b cookies -c cookies "" | jsonpp

    "apiVersion": 2,
    "networkId": 9,
    "report": {
        "groupBy": "campaign",
        "id": 123,
        "creationDate": "2018-01-01 10:33:41.473",
        "name": "Performance Report",
        "data": [{
            "impressions": 2505,
            "clicks": 5,
            "campaign": "Demo campaign 1",
            "cost": 62.38,
            "ctr": 0.2
        }, {
            "impressions": 299,
            "clicks": 15,
            "campaign": "Demo campaign 2",
            "cost": 1.2,
            "ctr": 5.017
        "reportStatus": "completed",
        "reportName": "Performance"
    "method": "GET",
    "code": 200

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Retrieving a Report

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